Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wedding Garter - In Progress

I'm hustling to finish a tatted garter for my future daughter in law. I tatted about 25 inches of the first row of the bookmark pattern in my previous post.
I'm almost finished with a row of rings-only ruffle attached to the edging. I think it's a bit narrow, and I'll have to add another row of chains, attached to the joins between the rings. Lots of chains, picots and stitches, but it shouldn't be too bad.
The safety pin is my "striver" pin, an idea borrowed from bobbin lacers. I calculated that I needed to join to 6 or 7 picots/day to get it done in time, and I'm almost there.
I bought round elastic earlier, and 3/8" ribbon today. In a moment of brain fade, I bought white, not blue. I was almost home when I remembered "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE!"
Grrr. Blue ribbon for a garter, of course!
I plan to run 2 rows of ribbon and elastic through the openings of the edging, and will leave enough ribbon so she can tie a bow. At least that's the current plan. She might not wear it, but it's still a keepsake for her.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Flower Finished

Finished, and not too bad. I liked it so much, I'm going to do it again. I've printed the pattern and sized it down a little.
I plan to switch the petals, and have 3 with single corded brussels and a vein, and I'm thinking about what stitch I want to put in the other 4.
I will drawn a line for my veins BEFORE I cover the paper. (grin) I will find that dratted compass and draw the circle so it's actually round, and I'll know where the center really is. I will also do the spider last, because I kept running into it while I filled my petals. I'll also redraw the stem, because it's really too big and clunky. Whew.
I am usually impulsive, and start a project without thinking things through. But needle lace is for thinkers, and I'm learning to plan ahead.

Details, Details! I used #80 tatting thread, the flower measures 4"H x 3 1/4"W. I used single corded brussels in 4 petals, and it was my first time making a vein. The other 3 petals are peas stitch variation, I still need work on that. I found a picture of "antique" lace in Lovesey's Creative Design in Needlepoint Lace, P. 97. I scanned the picture, traced the flower, and reduced the size.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tatted Bookmark - Gertrude's Pattern

This pattern is derived from a tiny picture my Grandmother snipped from a needle work magazine. She got Priscilla and some other magazines in the 1910s and 20s, and I inherited some of her clipped tatting patterns and pictures. The snipping that inspired this bookmark has 6 or 8 rings, and that's it. No instructions, no words, and the quality is not good enough to enlarge to count ds. Here I show the bookmark after 6 repeats of the pattern. The first ring is left, bottom.

To the left you see the bookmark is now half done. I've turned the corner and started the second side. I made 28 rings before I made the point and turned. You can see the split rings in two colors, and how to join the chains to the adjacent chains on the return row.

This pattern was on my Geocities website, now gone and largely forgotten. I needed a tatted bookmark, and remembered this pattern. I'm glad I tried it again, I forgot how well it works, and I'm amazed I actually figured all this out. Here's the pattern, as it originally appeared.

Gertrude's Tatted Bookmark

Size 30 Cebelia makes a bookmark 2" wide, by 6" long, plus the braided tail. Make all picots very small for nice joins. The first ring should be made with the color you want on the outside chains. Use two shuttles, two colors. When you begin, leave 12" ends on both threads for finishing the split rings at the end.

Ring: 6 p 6. RW.
Chain: 8 p 10 p 5 p 1. RW.
SS (switch shuttles) join to p of ring. 6 p 10 p 8. RW.
*Ring: 6 (join to 3rd p of prev ch) 6.
Ring: 6 p 6. RW.
Chain: 8 p 10 p 5 p 1. RW.
SS. join to free p of ring. 6 join to 2nd p of first chain, 10 p 8. RW.

Continue from * until you have finished the 24th ring.
Make a split ring 6/6. Regular ring of 6p6, another split ring 6/6, now start again with the first ring.
When you make your chain, join to adjacent picot on the opposing chain.

When you get to the end, make similar split ring, then use your thread ends to make another split ring, use all four threads to make the final ring, (join as necessary) and then attach more threads to make the tail.

If you can't do split rings, you could end off when you reach the length you wish for your bookmark and begin again, joining your chains as you go.

Hints: Make sure your chains are snug before you join or start a ring. The symmetry and consistency of the curve depends on a snug chain. Heads up! This one is challenging, even though it's only rings and chains. Make sure you join your rings to the right picot! I had two false starts because of that reason. The bookmark is also pretty in one color.

You're welcome to print and use one copy for yourself, please contact me if you wish to share with others. Thanks!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Starting another flower

I want to work on my "open" stitches, double brussels, pea stitch and single brussels, and looked through my Lovesey books for inspiration. In "Creative Design in NL" (p97) I found a 7 petal flower that will give me an opportunity to practice. The flower is described as an "antique flower" set into fine muslin. It must be a very small flower enlarged to fill the entire page. I scanned, printed, traced and generally tweaked until I'm ready to start couching. There are 4 leaves with the flower, and I may do those later. Rochelle gave me instructions on how to do a spider in the center, and I'm eager to have something new to do!

My version of the flower is 3.5"(9cm) at its widest, and 4.25"(10.5cm) from tip to stem. I measured the flower (pattern 4) from GoNL Basic book, and tried to get close to that size. I plan to use #80 tatting thread, and probably white. Now I will have to study a bit and plan how to lay my trace.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Flower - Pattern 4

I haven't been blogging, but I've been working on my needle lace. This is the 3rd time for this pattern, and I'd like to say it's the "charm". I still see room for improvement, but overall I'm happy with this one.

I used Finca 50, which is finer than tatting thread, but a bit heavier than the 30wt Blendables which was giving me problems. I think I will try to find some 3 ply cotton and see how that works.

I had trouble with Genoa stitch and pea stitch variation, and I think I will do another leaf so I can practice those stitches.

I've been busy on the needle lace talk forum on ning. (It's running slow today, so try again another day). Ning has decided to change their free forums, so we're looking for a new home. We are a small group of needle lacers, but there are experienced lacers helping us beginners, and it's exciting to have help when you get stuck. I'll post an update when we decide to make the change.

Details, details! Pattern 4 from the Guild of Needle Laces Basic Book, Finca 50 thread. Stitches used are corded double Brussels, Whipped Brussels, Alencon and Venetian bars, Pea Stitch Variation, and Genoa Stitch.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Green Leaf is Finished

This leaf is made with 30wt Blendables, Lime Sherbet color 433 4017. I still have tension problems, but I can see progress from section to section. My topstitching continues to improve. I used 2 strands of white #80 tatting thread, and I cannot see even tiny peek of white through my cordonnette.
This thread is similar to 16 pearl cotton. Can you see the twist in the stem? I could have flattened it out with a little blocking, but I took a picture as soon as it was off the base.
This pattern is The Guild of Needlelaces Challenge for 2010. This leaf is at 100%, almost 4" from the top to the end of the stem. I have another one started, this one at 75%, just to give me practice in filling smaller spaces. We'll see how it goes.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Practice! Practice!

I've been working to master the tension of my needle lace, and can finally show some progress. This is my latest effort, a leaf made with 30 wt Blendables, color 4017, Lime Sherbet.

The first section is corded brussels, and is to the right of center. The tension isn't great, I had trouble with the corded row sagging, and my stitches are too far apart.

I corrected my spacing in the next section, to the left of center. It's closer, but not close enough. I eliminated the problem of the sagging cord by using whipped brussels stitch. It looks better, and I kept my diagonal rows in line through most of that section.

The final section is corded brussels again, and I finally got the stitches close enough on my foundation row. I'm really happy with that third section, and can't wait to finish the leaf. It's not perfect, but it's a great practice piece - I can look at it and see my progress!

This leaf is done in #80 ecru tatting thread, and you can see the trouble I had with tension and keeping my rows in line. The green leaf is the same pattern, but a little bigger, and I drew the direction of the lines before I covered it with contact paper.

My stitches are single brussels, whipped brussels and corded brussels.

I'm very pleased that I can see progress, and especially that I can work the 3o wt Sulky thread. I don't want to get stuck using tatting thread forever, and it's a good thing to expand your horizons when you're a beginner.

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